Whole BeansBen Pagel

Al Mokha Yemeni Whole Bean: "The World's First Coffee"

Whole BeansBen Pagel
Al Mokha Yemeni Whole Bean: "The World's First Coffee"

Al Mokha Yemeni Whole Bean Coffee

12 oz, Dark Roast

Bold & Earthy with Cocoa Undertones (12 oz bag)

These beans are grown in Yemen's mountainous west at 1500 - 2100 meters. A network of small holder producers meticulously grow and harvest this heirloom coffee by hand, and dry it in the sun. It is then carefully milled and packaged for export.

Always shipped fresh with a hand-written note, direct from Washington, DC to you.

We roast our coffee in small, 18-pound batches with a fantastic roasting partner that's celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.

We are a small, veteran-owned business with ambition to change the world.

If you're not familiar with Yemeni coffee, let me offer a quick introduction. The practice of drinking and cultivating coffee started in 1450, when Sufi monks in Yemen's highlands first discovered the beverage. They drank it at night, to study the word of God. Since then, you and I have co-opted this religious practice and created a near-religious morning ritual!

Our company name, Al Mokha, is the name of Yemen's historic port city. If you drank coffee 400 years ago, you can be assured it arrived to you via Yemen's Al Mokha port...or overland by camel!

Today, our mission is revitalizing Yemen's coffee sector. As an Air Force veteran, I'm looking to leverage your coffee addiction to make a difference. I look forward to writing you a note and sending some delicious Yemeni Mokha coffee your way.